Pro-Life Group Wants to Show Graphic Abortion Video on Jumbotron


The pro-life group Created Equal wanted to use a Jumbotron to show a graphic abortion video outside at Alamo Plaza in San Antonio, Tx., today.

However, local police would not allow the group to use a Jumbotron because Alamo Plaza is a historic area and digital screens are not allowed (video below).

Created Equal says their permit was revoked last night, but they still showed up at Alamo Plaza this morning hoping to set up their video of doctors performing an abortion.

"They didn't give us the actual code we're violating," Mark Harrington, of Created Equal, told News 4. "They just said we're in violation."

"We can't express our First Amendment rights if we can't get access to the Plaza," added Harrington.

The San Antonio police said Created Equal would be fined if they put up the Jumbotron, but officers wouldn't stop them. Created Equal was okay with being fined.

"We're going to put the Jumbotron up and we're going to show people what abortion looks like," stated Harrington.

However, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus later said the Jumbotron could not be used, but added, "They were more than welcome to distribute any literature or any other information they wanted to put out."

"What we think is that the city is involved in content-based or view-based discrimination," countered Harrington. "They thought they could get rid of us but they're wrong. Because we're not going away and we'll be back."

“Right now, the plaza lends itself to a variety of uses, some of which are innocuous and some of which are, as you saw, potentially more inflammatory,” San Antonio City Council member Diego Bernal told the San Antonio Express News. “I don’t think government should act as a censor, but at the same time, as I’ve said all along, the Alamo certainly deserves better than what we’ve shown. And at the very least, it deserves something definitive.”

Sources: News 4, San Antonio Express News


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