Pro-Life Group: Pay To Watch Abortion Film (Video)


The American Center for Law and Justice, a Christian pro-life organization, is asking people for donations to view a film that attacks the abortion industry for allegedly profiting off women (video below).

The ACLJ's website says its documentary "Abortion, Inc." exposes "the barbaric motivation to make more money" by abortion providers. The film features former Planned Parenthood employee Abby Johnson (pictured) and several anti-abortion Republican lawmakers.

The ACLJ's site and movie's trailer ask people for financial donations to watch the entire film, although the trailer is free: "As a special thank you for your gift enter the code you received above to watch this groundbreaking film."

The trailer features some extraordinary assertions: The business of abortion starts with a sale; children are being chopped up and their body parts being sold to the highest bidder; abortion providers disregard the health of the women; women are somehow being drawn into health clinics for abortions; there are five-minute abortion quotas; free abortions don't exist; abortion clinic employees make more money in clinics than they can anywhere else; women are treated like second-class citizens by clinics.

Clare Coleman, a former Planned Parenthood affiliate chief executive in New York state, wrote an opinion article for The Washington Post in 2011 about her experience:

"We ran deficits, cut hours, closed centers and laid off staff members. In a recession, things get very difficult -- more and more people are in need, while government funds lag and donations dwindle. But still we did not turn patients away, even if they could not pay...

"Planned Parenthood’s abortion care represents 3 percent of its medical services -- 332,000 terminations out of a total of 11.4 million services provided in 2009. Nearly all the care offered at Planned Parenthood health centers is preventive services and screenings, including contraception, testing for sexually transmitted infections, Pap smears and breast exams...

"We screen people for high blood pressure, anemia and diabetes; we counsel them about smoking cessation and obesity; we connect them to other primary-care providers and social services."

In addition to opposing the legal right of a woman to have an abortion, the ACLJ has also opposed the Affordable Care Act, which provides health care for about 16 million people.

Sources: ACLJ (2), The Washington Post / Photo credit: ACLJ/YouTube

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