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Pro-Life Activists Force Deli to Close, Near Planned Parenthood Clinic

Mike’s Restaurant, a deli in Portland, Maine, is closing down because pro-life demonstrators, who are picketing a nearby Planned Parenthood, are scaring away deli customers.

“I decided kids holding signs of dead babies isn’t good for business,” Mike’s Restaurant owner Mike Fink told the Bangor Daily News.

“It’s not just the business, it’s me. I gave up yelling. I’m disappointed and tired of being upset. God is on their side, they know that.”

A middle-aged bearded male protester outside Planned Parenthood was asked about the deli’s closing this coming Friday and stated: “He’s a liar."

Fink did involve himself in counter protests to support the Planned Parenthood clinic and gave free food to anyone who showed up with a sign in support of the clinic.

“The circumstance is ridiculous. People need better hobbies than to infringe on other people’s decisions," said deli customer Robert Horn.

“I’m a little devastated. It’s a rare find for Portland. There are not a lot of spots like this left," lamented customer Katie Dionne.

The pro-life demonstrations are normally done to discourage doctors and patients from entering Planned Parenthood clinics.

Source: Bangor Daily News


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