Pro-Choice Woman Angrily Confronts Pro-Life Activist (Video)


Created Equal, a pro-life organization, recently posted a video of a confrontation between one of its members and an unidentified pro-choice woman on July 9 in Columbus, Ohio.

The video (below), posted on the group's YouTube page, begins with the pro-choice woman yelling about a sign that the pro-life group has put up on the street. The sign is an image of a fetus at 12 weeks of development.

"That is absolutely f---- lying, you f--- dips---," the pro-choice woman yells. "That is not what a fetus looks like at 12 weeks. It does not look like that. It's a clump of mother------- cells, no hands are showing at that time."

“You’re some white privileged, racist, mother------ male that doesn’t stand for women’s rights! F----- dipshit,” the woman yells. She then kicks over the sign and pushes away the person filming the incident.

When the pro-life activist begins to call the police, the woman walks away.

The pro-life activist then follows the woman down the street and announces again that he is calling the police.

“Go right the f--- on ahead you f----- sexist, misogynist mother------. Take your male privilege somewhere else, no uterus, no right to talk about it, understand me mother------,” the woman shouts.

The woman gets on a bus, but police arrive on bikes and board the vehicle. She voluntarily walks up to the police and puts her hands out to be cuffed, but instead an officer walks her off the bus and down the street off-camera. No word if she was charged or not.

Created Equal's Executive Director Mark Harrington later said in a press release:

Violent attacks on pro-lifers are becoming more common. Pro-lifers need to be winsome and be willing to take verbal and physical abuse if necessary in order to remain faithful to our pledge to be non-violent. We also should take precautions to reduce the likelihood of these attacks, be prepared to film them and prosecute the perpetrators (if necessary) to the fullest extent of the law.

We understand the risk we take each time we go into the marketplace of ideas with a message as counter-cultural as showing the victims of abortion. However, despite the threat we will not shrink back from representing the victims.

In addition to a call for prosecution, the press release urges people to "pray for the perpetrator of the attack."

A similar request is made on Created Equal's YouTube page, "Please pray for this young woman."

According to, the hands, feet and sex organs are visible at 12 weeks. The medical site also notes that a doctor can listen to the heartbeat of a fetus at 12 weeks with special equipment. notes the fetus is about two and a half-inches long at 12 weeks and may have fingernails.


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