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Pro-Anorexia Users on Twitter Post Extreme Weight Loss Tips, Contests

The social media web site has come under criticism for allowing pro-anorexia accounts, which publish pictures and quotes with hashtags such as #ProAna or #ProMia (pro-bulimia), reports 98FM News in Ireland.

Some of the tweets include:

Pro Ana Only@AnaMePretty: So I just realized my new 'size 1' jeans were on the wrong hanger when I bought them. Tag says size 2. #fatass

F A T• Pro Ana / Mia @skinny_delight I want nothing more than to be skinny. Be THAT beautiful girl everyone takes a second look at.

§kïññ¥ Ìñ †hê Ç @pro_ana 24 hour water fasting starting right now. Not even kidding. I wanna get a high from this.

Pro-anorexia users sometimes refer to their tweets as "thinspiration" to encourage others to lose weight and discourage them from seeking treatment.

Some of the pictures include the Twitter users themselves, often teen girls, who photograph their thin bodies.

The online conversations can lead to extreme dieting competitions and tips for starving or purging that result in faster weight loss.

While social media sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr do not allow pro-ana content, Twitter is unregulated for the most part.

Twitter told 98FM News that it doesn't comment on "specific terms or accounts."

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