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Robert Gleason Jr. Opts for Electric Chair, First Time Since 2010

Robert Gleason Jr., a Virginia prisoner who strangled two inmates in prison, has promised to keep killing unless he is put to death in the electric chair on January 16, 2013.

Gleason has killed a total of three people and waived all state and federal appeals. He would be the first prisoner to die in the electric chair, nicknamed 'Old Sparky,' since 2010.

Gleason told the Associated Press: "I did the crime and this is the punishment. It is what it is. I ain't going to go kill a bunch of people and say 'Oh, don't do that to me.'"

Inmates in Virginia get to choose between electrocution or lethal injection, reports the Daily Mail.

Gleason was serving a life term for murder at Wallens Ridge State Prison in May 2009 when he killed his cellmate, Harvey Watson Jr. 

Watson's death went unnoticed for 15 hours because prison guards did not followed procedure for inmate head counts.

After Watson's murder, Gleason was transferred to Red Onion State Prison, the state's only supermax prison where inmates are held in isolation 23 hours each day.

In July 2010, Gleason convinced Cooper that he needed his help to measure a religious necklace. The men were locked in individual cages. Cooper put the necklace around his neck and Gleason strangled him for an hour with the necklace.

At the time, Gleason said: "I murdered that man cold-bloodedly. I planned it, and I'm gonna do it again. Someone needs to stop it. The only way to stop me is put me on death row."

Gleason repeated his threats in court, vowing to continue killing unless he was sentenced to death.


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