Prison Inmate Paul Schlosser Pepper Sprayed at Close Range, While Restrained (Video)

A video (below) of a restrained inmate, Paul Schlosser, being held down and pepper sprayed at close range was recently released by the Maine Sunday Telegram.

The video shows Schlosser being tied to a restraint chair and held down by five prison officials. He is then pepper sprayed in the face and eyes at close range by Captain Shawn Welch, reports RT.com.

The incident happened at the Windham Correctional Center in South Windham, Maine.

It is unknown how footage of the June 2012 incident found its way to the Maine Sunday Telegram, but state’s Department of Corrections quickly assigned an investigator to locate the leak.

Captain Welch was initially fired by Scott Burnheimer, superintendent of the facility. But that decision that was overturned by Maine’s corrections commissioner, who reduced the penalty to a 30-day suspension.

 "Trying to find out how the information got into the hands of a reporter shows a reluctance to have transparency. It reeks of government heavy-handedness in oversight,” Judy Garvey, a spokesperson for the state’s Prisoner Advocacy Coalition, told the Maine Sunday Telegram.

Sources: Maine Sunday Telegram and RT.com



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