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Priest Performs 13 Exorcisms On Girl With Anorexia In Spain

Jesus Sahagun, a priest in Valladolid, Spain, was recently charged with several crimes for performing 13 exorcisms on an underage girl who had anorexia.

A judge in nearby Burgos, Spain, charged Sahagun with gender violence, causing injury and mistreatment, reported Diario de Burgos, a local newspaper, noted The Local.

The exorcisms occurred in 2012 when the girl's religious parents reportedly believed their daughter was possessed by Satan and decided to have her undergo an exorcism.

The girl was reportedly tied up and had crucifixes held over her head during the exorcisms.

After the girl attempted suicide, her aunts and uncles contacted the authorities.

The girl’s parents told a judge that Sahagun knew their daughter was being treated medically and had access to her medical records. Sahagun promised that the exorcisms wouldn't be a problem with her medical treatment, claim the parents.

Sahagun told Spain's El Mundo newspaper in December 2014, "Yes, it was a case of possession and my work because it's finished. No more I can say without breaking the secret of my Ministry."

Sources: The Local, (Via Translator)
Image Credit: Pixabay


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