Pregnant Mom Struck By Lightning, Baby Still Has Static Hair One Year Later (Photos)


A baby born prematurely after her mother was struck by lightning miraculously survived the ordeal, and one year later, her static hair has her parents calling her “little Flash Gordon.”

Ian Gordon and his girlfriend Kendra were suddenly struck by a bolt of lightning just two weeks shy of Kendra’s due date, and doctors say the lightning went through Gordon’s ear, into Kendra’s body, and out her thumb. Gordon was left with a blown eardrum, and Kendra was rushed to the hospital where her labor was induced. Kimberly Gordon was born through a C-section, and against all odds, she survived the ordeal.

“Everybody we've seen says it's a miracle she's alive,” Ian Gordon said, according to the Daily Mail.

Now, a year after the July 4 incident, Kimberly is unable to sit up, crawl or properly digest food, and oddly enough, the baby’s hair stands straight up.

“It's hard seeing she can't eat like she's supposed to and can't have food yet, just through the [feeding] tube,” Kendra, Kimberly’s mother, said. “But other than that I'm glad she lived through it all.”

The family now calls the miracle baby “Little Flash Gordon” and says they know she’ll go on to do great things when she’s older.

“Somebody's definitely watching out for us,” Ian Gordon said, adding that he believes his daughter will one day be like the real Flash Gordon and “run fast or save the Universe.”

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