Pregnant Women File Lawsuit Against Birth Control Maker for Faulty Pills

A group of women in Canada have filed a class-action lawsuit on Friday against the maker of a birth control pill after they found out that their packages contained mostly placebo pills.

The women became pregnant. In total, there were 45 unwanted pregnancies and four resulting abortions. They seek $778.8 million against Apotex, the pharmaceutical company that makes birth control pill Alysena.

"When they first got the news that they were pregnant, they were shocked, stressed out and very worried," lawyer Sandy Zaitzeff said.

"Raising a child today costs millions of dollars. In this modern world, people enter into relationships and don't necessarily want to have a child and so should not be burdened with the costs of raising a child."

Thousands of the packs, with lot number LF01899A, were recalled April 8 because the packs contained two weeks of placebo pills instead of one.

A few days later 11 other packs were recalled. The total number of recalled packages was 550,000. 

Sources: Raw Story, The Globe


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