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Strange Image Appears On Pregnant Woman's MRI


An expecting mother was shocked to find something strange in her MRI results -- her baby kicking its foot outside of her uterus. 

The woman, a 33-year-old mother-to-be, discovered the rare occurrence at 22 weeks pregnant after she developed a 1-inch tear in the wall of the uterus. A portion of the amniotic sac, the membrane that contains the fetus, popped out as a result, The Stir reports.

The woman had no symptoms while the condition was occurring.

Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Bouet with the Angers University Hospital in France said he'd never seen anything like it before in his career, according to Live Science. The condition has only had 26 cases reported, making it incredibly rare.

The woman's five previous C-sections, which increased her likelihood of a uterine tear, was the cause of the unusual occurrence. Bouet said that the C-sections weakened the uterine wall.

The risks to such a rare situation include preterm birth and a severe pregnancy complication called placenta accreta, which means the placenta doesn't detach itself from the uterine wall after a mother gives birth.

The baby was born healthy via C-section, and the woman's uterus was repaired soon after. She was ultimately sent home from the hospital just five days after giving birth.

Sources: The Stir, Live Science / Photo credit: arfosn/iStock via The Stir

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