Pregnant Woman Fired From Job At Bakery After Owner Found Out She Was Pregnant (Video)

A New York woman says that she was fired from her job at a bakery when the owner discovered that she was pregnant. Now, she has filed a lawsuit against her former employer.

According to reports, Hope Burgos, 25, did not tell anybody she was pregnant because she wanted to keep it private, so when her stomach started showing and a coworker asked if she was expecting, she said no.

Some time after, however, Aaron Matalon, the owner of Corrado Bread and Pastry on the Upper East Side, reportedly approached her in front of all the other employees and demanded that she tell him whether or not she was actually pregnant.

“How dare you confront me like that!” said Burgos to PIX11. “It’s completely unprofessional. You know this is my personal business. You know he’s my boss. I was almost forced to have to lie because I felt like so uncomfortable with the situation.”

A week after he approached her about being pregnant, Matalon allegedly called Burgos over to tell her that although she was a great employee, he could no longer keep her on the job because she was with child.

“He blatantly let me know that I was a great worker but that he no longer wanted me working in his establishment because I was expecting,” Burgos said.

When confronted by PIX11 News, Matalon acknowledged the lawsuit against him and attempted to defend himself.

“She was pregnant but as a result of her being pregnant, she did not come to work a few mornings that she was supposed to,” said Matalon.

Despite Matalon’s claims that Burgos missed work because of her pregnancy, attorney David Gottlieb says those allegations are false.

“Ms. Burgos never missed work,” said Gottleib. “There were two occasions when she asked, in advance, not to be put on the schedule for a particular day because of a doctor’s appointment. She was never told that there was any problem with her attendance.”

Burgos has officially filed a 10-page lawsuit against Matalon and the bakery for wrongful termination.

Sources: Inquisitr, PIX11 News


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