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Surgeon Accidentally Removes Ovary Of Woman With Appendicitis

A pregnant UK woman died after a surgeon accidentally removed an ovary when he meant to remove her appendix.

According to reports, 32-year-old Maria De Jesus was 20 weeks pregnant with her fourth child when she went into the hospital for appendicitis surgery. 19 days after the operation, the woman was dead after giving birth to a stillborn baby and suffering complications.

Now, the doctor who made the mistake, Dr. Yahya Al Abed, admitted to his error but says that there was no misconduct. Reports claim that Dr. Al Abed had only been working at the hospital for three weeks and had little experience performing this type of surgery.

In addition to accusations and charges against the Dr. Al Abed, senior surgical consultant Dr. Babatunde Coker is accused of failing to oversee the young surgeon. Dr. Coker allegedly told Al Amed that he would be “around” during the procedure, but failed to properly assist Coker.

Peter Horgan, a lawyer for the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, described the ordeal to a patient panel during a hearing.

"Patient A [De Jesus] had begun to bleed quite heavily. Something was not right," said Horgan. "In the midst of this, Mr. Al Abed removed what he clearly believed to be the appendix. He thought he found it, removed it and gave to a nurse what later turned out to be Patient A's ovary. He had lunch, then went home and didn't become aware until Monday. Thereafter Patient A remained in hospital until she was discharged on October 31. She returned to hospital and was readmitted on November 7 suffering abdominal pains. On November 9 it was discovered by another doctor that in fact the histology report showed an ovary had been removed and not the appendix. Tragically on November 11 Patient A gave birth to a still-born male baby. Mrs. De Jesus again consented to go under the knife and this time her appendix was removed by Mr. Liao. But sadly later that afternoon Patient A died whilst on the operating table.”

The post-death report says that De Jesus died of multiple organ failure. Both Dr. Al Amed and Dr. Coker are currently in court, and the hearing is expected to go until next month.


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