Pregnant Woman Accuses Employers Of Discrimination


A Canadian woman is up in arms after she was reportedly denied work because she is pregnant.

Stephanie Peckford worked as a landscaper and gardener on the Corner Brook Stream Trail, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, for the past two summers. When she asked about working again this summer in March, she informed her employer she was pregnant. Her employers then told her she did not get her job due to health concerns.

“I thought, this is absolutely ridiculous,” Peckford told CBC News.

She has since filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission. Peckford claims the Corner Brook Stream Development Corporation discriminated against her because she was pregnant.

"We got along great," Pecford said. "I was in shock. I am still in shock. I am extremely hurt."

The commission has since approved her complaint and will be working with both her and her former employer to settle the dispute.

The head of the Corner Brook Stream Development Corporation released a statement regarding the matter saying, "The position of Landscape Gardener with the Corner Brook Stream Development Corporation was publicly advertised. We chose the best person suited for the job based on their training and experience.”

The position of landscape gardener includes a tenure that began in May and runs until the end of September. Peckford’s baby is due on Nov. 20.

Despite this she believes that she could have done the job.

“I had the clearance from my doctor,” she told reporters. “I’m a pretty active and healthy person as it is. I’m quite confident in my ability to do it.”

Source: CBC News, The Western Star / Photo Credit: Screenshot via CBC News


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