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Reporter Hid Pregnancy to Cover War in Afghanistan

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Reporter Elizabeth Rubin hid her pregnancy so she could cover the war in Afghanistan. And she lived to tell the tale.

Elizabeth Rubin was over three months pregnant when she flew to Afghanistan to cover the war. Her doctor said he advised against going, because he was worried she wouldn't be able to run when she needed to. But Rubin said: "I just came for a prescription," I said. "If I wanted someone to tell me not to go to Afghanistan, I could have called my mother."

But being pregnant in a war zone was no picnic. She climbed and fell down mountains, dodged bullets, peed on the floors of bombed-out homes, and got fleas. Soldiers and civilians died in front of her eyes. Her platoon was ambushed -- and she had to run for her life. At six months pregnant, she contracted an Afghan illness. She could no longer feel her baby. When a sonogram showed her that her baby was indeed alive and well in her womb, she knew it was time to come home.

She shares her story with the Guardian.

Do you think it was brave to cover the war while pregnant -- or selfish? (Or maybe a little bit of both?)

Photo by The U.S. Army via Flickr


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