Help Kids Concentrate with Yoga Breathing


This children’s breathing exercise helps to develop breath/body awareness, increase concentration and improve coordination as kids move their body in time with the inhalation and exhalation.

Hello, this is Donna from Yogainmyschool, and I’m here today to show you how to do the breathing exercise Air Walk.

First thing you need to do is lay on the ground. Next bring your hands above your head.

Now, what you’ll do is raise your right hand and your left leg as you inhale. Exhale, lower them to the ground.

Inhale, raise your left arm and right leg. Exhale, down they go. Inhaling and exhaling with your own rhythm of your breath. Reaching the leg high in the air, bringing it up to the hand. You’ve got to use some core muscles to do this.

This exercise regulates the breath, helps children to learn how to work with the breath and move with the breath. It also helps to balance the brain as it joins the right and left hemispheres by crossing the body. You can continue to do this for a few moments. And then when you’re done you can simply bring your hands back to your back to your side and rest in corpse pose.

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