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Practice, What, Where and How

When practicing any art form be it vinyasa, hatha,power, yin, dancing, bikram or what ever it maybe, have you asked yourself "Is this practice for me?"  Do you connect with this art form? Are you in it because it is a phase or a fad or because many of your friends or peers are doing it?

Before taking up any activity pause and ask 'WHAT' works for me? Try out the various types of practices before plunging into one or more types. Should it really matter that your practice differs with that of another? After all each body type, mind and spirit are different from person to person.

We find ourselves at different paths in our life hence what we take up will also be different.

I ask you "Where you practice does it or should it be important in your path?" Does it really make a difference that the studio is the only place to do it at? Do you think your practice will differ or change if it were done in a small room, park or in a small hall way? After all the practice you follow is a personal choice hence the place of practice should also be a personal choice . 

Lastly but most importantly "How are you practicing?" Is your practice just a routine or is it more than just that. Do you practice and follow blindly or are you aware of each moment, flow within the body? Has your practice stunted your growth or has it encouraged it. Are you aware of how you practice. Is there a connection with your practice. Are you fully present while practicing? Is your practice restricted to the mat or indoors of a gym or studio.

Have you ever thought about taking your practice beyond the four walls of the physical body? There is much more to the practice of the physical body and the mind. The practice of understanding the inner self and its journey through life.

If you know all about the piano but don't practice it, you will never create music. Hence if you have the knowledge of what Yoga is but never practice it fully and organically then how will you create balance within the body, mind and spirit.

Practice not only the physical but the internal as well. Take it off the mat and share the gifts towards others. This too requires practice!

I have been rambling here and hope it made sense!


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