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FIT Lifestyle Questionnaire™

by Susan Sommers and Theresa Dugwell

Authors of Power Source for Women: Proven Fitness Strategies, Tools, and Success Stories omen 45+, BPS Books, $19.95, paperback.

Toronto, ON Canada… What is the true meaning of a healthy lifestyle?

The World Health Organization (WHO), states that health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.  Health is not defined as just the absence of disease.  The actual definition of Healthy Living is the steps, actions and strategies that a person formulates in order to reach optimum health.  Living a healthy lifestyle requires that you take responsibility and make smarter choices today and into your future.

Achieving a healthy lifestyle

So how do you achieve a healthy lifestyle?  Does it mean that you should never eat cake or drink a glass of wine?  Or that you have to exercise every day and make sure you get eight hours of sleep each night? 

When your lifestyle has involved a lack of sleep or poor eating habits, relationship problems or the fact that you just don’t have any time for yourself, making changes can seem overwhelming.  But creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to make drastic changes all at once.  In fact, drastic changes can be more difficult to stick with.  Making small changes in how you live each day can lead to big rewards.  Remember, you have taken the first step to change and that is recognizing that your current ways are not congruent with the way you want to live.

Let’s begin by doing a self-assessment to see how you measure up to the positive elements that represent a healthy lifestyle.  Find out which FIT Lifestyle best reflects your current values and attitudes towards health and fitness.  We suggest FIT Lifestyle habits that will help you to gain a healthier body and mind, to develop better stress management tools, and help to motivate you to reach your goal. 

Review our FIT Lifestyle Questionnaire and then check off the column that best suits the way you are living TODAY. Be honest when you make your selections and only choose one response.  Afterwards, you’ll get a chance to add up your responses and get feedback on your results.

Today is the first day on your journey to positive lifestyle changes, so don’t be discouraged with where you are right now.  Today you are changing your mindset; you are on your way to a healthier body and lifestyle!

Now let’s begin!

Select the FIT Lifestyle column that best reflects how you are living TODAY.  Be honest, so that you can clearly identify the areas that need the greatest change.









I live by the motto:  Early to bed, early to rise!

I get 7 – 9 hours of sleep most nights

I have a good social network

I am grateful for the things in my life

I have a hobby that I enjoy

I set goals for myself

I like to spend time with friends/family

I set aside time just for me

I enjoy my career/work

in or out of the home

I have a close friend/partner with whom I can share my thoughts, goals and frustrations

I like my body

I am happy

I exercise regularly

I enjoy outdoor activities

I have regular check-ups with my doctor

I reward myself when I reach a goal or for any achievement

Most of my meals are well-balanced and prepared in a healthy manner

I try to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day

I take short breaks during the day for myself

I enjoy reading or listening to health- related topics on self-improvement

I am good at problem solving

I am optimistic about my future

I eat healthy foods and occasionally reward myself with a treat

I have healthy ways to deal with my stress, such as meditation

I take action if I am dissatisfied with something in my life

Calculating your FIT Lifestyle Score

Scoring Procedure

Now go back to the FIT Lifestyle Questionnaire™ and add up your points.  The point value is located below the 4 different response styles (Never – 0, Sometimes – 1, Frequently – 2, Always – 3).  Once you have your score look below to get your FIT Lifestyle Feedback.  Read the course of action we suggest in order to achieve your FIT Healthy Lifestyle.

Let’s see where you place on our FIT Lifestyle Scale.

FIT Lifestyle Scale

5   10    15    20    25    30    35    40    45    5 0    55     60     65    70     75+

         Low  0 - 26                 Average 27 – 53                  Optimal 54 – 78

If you scored 0 – 26

It’s time to take immediate action!

First of all, congratulations for completing this self-assessment questionnaire and especially for being honest.  We believe that because you are reading this book, you really want to change things in your life and become healthier. You are feeling the negative effects of your lifestyle, both physically and mentally, on a daily basis. Your energy level may be very low, so it’s difficult to get motivated to make changes. We can give you some guidance through the strategies, tools, and success stories provided in this book.

But first, we suggest you visit your doctor to discuss your current health status and your goals, so that you can move ahead on your journey to a better you.  You want to make sure that, as you travel through Power Source for Women, you can plug into all the tools and start to make changes.  Get the go ahead from your doctor and then start to move!

If you scored 27 - 53

Your lifestyle is okay, but it’s time to make it better!

It looks like your lifestyle could use some major changes.  You probably have been feeling frustrated with yourself and somewhat stuck in a pattern you can’t seem to change.  Maybe it’s all of the responsibilities that keep you moving and give you little time to stop and think about your own needs.

Start by working on the aspects of your lifestyle where you answered “occasionally” and “never”. You’ll certainly discover the pay off in your energy levels and sense of well-being if you begin with a few changes.  Remember one change at a time can add up fast!

If you scored 54 – 78 points

Your lifestyle looks good. Why not make it great?

You are a shining example of someone who is trying to be pro-active about your health and make choices that are good for you.  It looks like you live a balanced lifestyle, but you may have a few areas that you want to improve.

Well, here’s your chance. Look over your responses and find the ones where you scored “occasionally” and “almost never”. These are the areas that could use some attention.  So get into action today and make the change.  You are probably already feeling great; why not feel even better?


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