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Review: Shoes for Walking, Beach Sports and Yoga

Jenn and I hear about so many new products—especially shoes—that there is just not enough time in the day or room in our closets to cover them all. We usually cover the most fitness and workout-oriented shoes, but sometimes kicks fall into our laps that are worth a mention even if they’re not our typical hardcore running shoe. Here’s a smattering of those shoes!

Payless Champion Walking Shoes

Jenn and I have been known to BOGO our brains out when Payless ShoeSource is having its Buy One, Get One Half Off sales. It’s an affordable way to get those trendy shoes that may be out of style by next season. As much as I’ve hit BOGO, I’ve never gotten workout shoes at Payless. But now the Champion brand of fitness products has me rethinking that.

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The company sent me its Champion Stride shoe to try out, and I was pleasantly pleased with its performance. The Stride jumps on the shoe-toning bandwagon by incorporating two pods under the shoe that create a slightly unstable surface to encourage muscle-toningbenefits. They’re not Skechers Shape-Ups, but at only $29.99, who would expect them to be? They were comfy for both walking and indoor exercises, and the only thing I would have liked is more arch support. Overall, a great option for the budget-conscious exerciser.

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K-Swiss Surf & Sand High-Tops

Just looking at these K-Swiss high-tops makes my feet smile because you just know they’ve gotta be super comfy. More for running errands than for running laps, these high-tops will get you through the day without giving you blisters. Plus, the ankle support is perfect if you’re prone to twisting your ankles, like me these days.

These kicks come in basic black as well as tons of colors—yellow, pink, purple and green. So fun!

New Balance

New Balance makes my heart go pitter-patter with some of its latest and greatest shoes. The Softmoon yoga-inspired shoe looks super comfy and lightweight—perfect for throwing on after a yoga class or throwing on to run errands. The  Classy and Galexy are sporty yet fashionable shoes for everyday wear. All are guaranteed to make you look fiercely adorable, whether you’re walking in the park or shopping for groceries. In fact, all of the New Balance for Nine West shoes are making me wish I had a bigger shoe budget.

What shoes have struck your fancy lately? —Erin


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