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Popularity of Plastic Surgery Among Country Music Stars

Country music stars love their plastic surgery, if last week's Academy of Country Music awards ceremony was any indication. Dozens of Nashville stars, including the genre's top celebrities as well as up-and-coming starlets, showed up to the Las Vegas ceremony. The OC Register noted that few appeared untouched by the surgeon's knife or dermatologist's needle ( Among those as the show who have reportedly had plastic surgery:

Reba McEntire, the hostess for the awards show, has reportedly undergone facelift surgery. There is also speculation that she's had Botox injections and cosmetic fillers to keep her appearance smooth.

Country singer Miranda Lambert has may have gotten a nose job and breast implants, as evidenced by her small nose and large bust, though she hasn't confirmed the rumors.
Both Wynonna Judd and her mother, fellow singer Naoma Judd, have reportedly undergone a long list of cosmetic treatments, including brow lifts and facelifts, eyelid lifts and lip filler injections.

Rock musician Steven Tyler, joining the country singers at the awards show, has reportedly had Botox and filler injections. There are also reports that he has gotten a facelift to smooth his wrinkles.

Nicole Kidman, wife of country singer Keith Urban, has used Botox in the past. Her appearance at the awards show prompted a new round of speculation that she has recently received more cosmetic injections.

What is it about country music that seems to make the stars flock to plastic surgery?


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