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Poll: Half of Women Would Drink While Pregnant

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NEW YORK -- According to most OBGYNs and prenatal health experts, having the occasional drink while pregnant isn’t likely to harm your baby, let alone cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  All signs point to drinking while pregnant becoming more common and acceptable, but to get a pulse on how real women feel about this issue, decided to poll its readers.  Nearly 5,000 women responded to’s poll, which asked, “would you drink while pregnant.”  48.6 percent of the respondents claimed they would drink while pregnant – some only “on special occasions” (22.7 percent) and some “every now and then” (24.3 percent).  1.6 percent of respondents, 80 women, said they’d drink regularly – clearly inappropriate and dangerous.’s almost solely female audience was polarized on the matter, and readers and voters alike flocked to the site’s comment boards:

“I’m shocked that so many people voted that they would drink alcohol while pregnant….Yes, there are conflicting ideas about what’s healthy for your baby and what isn’t, so the safest bet is to just not do something risky when it’s unnecessary.”

“Wow, I’m surprised at how zero tolerance everyone is here- I know we’ve all been raised to think that alcohol=death during a pregnancy, but more and more doctors are saying that it’s ok in moderation…We’ve become such an all-or-nothing society, and pregnant women get the brunt of that to a ridiculous extent- people feel free to go up to them and tell them what they should or shouldn’t be doing.”

So, it seems that regardless expert or general social opinion, this is an issue that strikes a nerve with some women, one way or the other.   While drinking during pregnancy may be ok, there are a large number of women who just don’t want to risk it.

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