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Poll: 38 percent of Americans Would Rather Go Without Health Insurance, Pay Fine, Face Financial Ruin

When it comes to buying health insurance under Obamacare, almost 40 percent of Americans would rather go without and pay a fine. They could also face financial ruin or not having medical care when seriously ill or injured.

A new poll by Princeton Survey Research Associates found that 38 percent of those surveyed would pay the mandate tax and not buy health insurance, reports Fox News.

The poll also also found that 65 percent of those surveyed, between 18 and 29, would buy health insurance, but only 57 percent of people 30 years and older would buy insurance.

The survey found a large amount of ignorance among Americans about the mandate tax amounts.

Only 21 percent of Americans know that people who refuse to get health insurance will pay $95 or 1% of their income above the filing threshold ($10,000 for singles and $20,000 for families), whichever is greater.

When it comes to political parties, 74 percent of Democrats plan to buy health insurance, while only 40 percent of Republicans and 56 percent of independents will.

It's not clear how the majority of Republicans plan to pay for their health care in catastrophic circumstances.

According to another poll by, 28 percent of Americans would move to another county or state to get better or cheaper health care insurance.

When broken down by age, 42 percent of 18-29 year olds would move to a different county or state, but only 27 percent of people aged 50-64 would.

By political party, 12 percent of Republicans would move for better health care insurance, but only 9 percent of Democrats and 7 percent of independents would.

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