Police Shoot Rubber Bullets at Non-Violent Tree Sitters (Video)


California Highway Patrol officers fired rubber bullets at non-violent 'Save Our Little Lake Valley' protesters who have been sitting in trees to block the construction of a highway bypass around the city of Willits, California for almost two months (video below).

“I do know that CHP needed to use some less lethal means because I am aware that one of them resisted the extraction," Caltrans spokesman Phil Frisbie told the Press Democrat.

The Save Our Little Lake Valley activists claim that the highway bypass will harm the local environment.

The activists were warned multiple times before being shot at close range with rubber bullets, removed from the trees and arrested for trespassing today, according to the California Highway Patrol.

“That bypass is going to plow through our entire valley, all the way down into the wetlands,” tree sitter Amanda “Warbler” Senseman told KQED.org earlier this year. “It’s also probably just the most destructive option there is.”

Sources: Press Democrat and KQED.org


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