Police Search for Missing Utah Teen Alexis Rasmussen


Police in Utah are searching for a 16-year-old girl who has been missing for nearly three weeks.

According to The Salt Lake City Tribune, Alexis Rasmussen left a friend's house in North Ogden where she was babysitting on September 10. She walked to a Walgreen's store where she was spotted at about 10:30 that night, and there's been no trace of her since.

Alexis' mother admits her daughter has a history of running away, but even then, she always contacts her mother within a few days to let her know where she is. This time, though, nothing.

Her family has tried to call Alexis on her cell phone, but the phone does not appear to be working.

Alexis hasn't called any of her friends, either.

"She hasn't contacted me which is very strange. No matter what she would always contact me and tell me what she is doing,” her best friend, Brenna Kinzenbaw, told ABC 4 News.


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