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Police Learn Of Unvaccinated Toddler, Take Drastic Measures


In Arizona, police are on high alert for some very dangerous people. However, these typical suspects are not armed with automatic rifles or knives or grenades – these people of interest are even more dangerous because they potentially carry a possible weapon that could wipe out millions of people – deadly diseases and viruses. As people around the United States watch in horror, babies and children continue to spread dangerous conditions that could easily have been wiped out if parents had gotten their little ones vaccinated.

However, police in Arizona might have taken things too far when they raided a family’s home with guns drawn as they remove an unvaccinated child. In the video, police are caught breaking into the home after the family doctor learned that the parents had refused to vaccinate the child.


The two-year-old child had spiked a 105-degree fever, but the parents still refused to take the child to the emergency room. However, when the fever went away, the parents decided that an inconvenient trip to the hospital was not necessary – but the doctor felt otherwise.

That’s when four heavily armed police officers with the Chandler Police Department raided the family’s apartment in the middle of the night – breaking down the front door and removed the child at gunpoint because the two-year-old had not been vaccinated.

“All because of a fever. A fever! It’s absolutely ridiculous,” the mother’s lawyer, Nicholas Boca, told ABC 15. “That type of kicking your door in, with guns drawn… it should be reserved for violent criminals.”

State Representative Kelly Townsend has a history of encouraging parents to skip vaccinations for their children. She once called vaccination a form of communism, because it forces people to do something.

Townsend wrote on Facebook: “The idea that we force someone to give up their liberty (with a vaccine) for the sake of the collective is not based on American values but rather, Communist.”

However, when the police busted through this family apartment in the name of vaccinations, the Republican quickly stepped up to criticize the police and their response to the doctor’s “misdiagnosis.”

“This mother is nearly 9 months pregnant, and her baby will be born soon,” Townsend said in a Facebook post. “I have great concern that DCS will also take this infant over a misdiagnosis by the Dr., who thought the child might have meningitis when actually he had (a respiratory virus). This would have led to an unnecessary and potentially dangerous spinal tap of a two-year-old child. The parents were correct, the doctor was wrong.”

Because the Chandler police used excessive force when dealing with this case, people in Arizona are questioning whether the law even protects children. Townsend has written new legislation that would require police to have a warrant before they can remove children from their families at gunpoint and threat of death.

The DCS has not commented on the story.

Do you think the Chandler police overreacted? Or should police department take the threat of unvaccinated children as seriously as they would armed criminals?

Sources: NY Daily News / Photo Credit: Post Image

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