Police, Firefighters, Security Guards Are The Most Overweight Workers


Police, firefighters and security guards tip the scale as the heaviest workers in America.

The Wall Street Journal recently noted that a 2014 study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that 40.7% of these professionals are obese.

Coming up in second place were social workers, clergy and counselors at 35.6%, followed by home health aides and massage therapists clocking in at 34.8%, with architects and engineers at 34.1%.

The professions with lower obesity rates included athletes, actors and reporters at 20.1%, while economists, scientists and psychologists were in the best shape with only a 14.2% rate, noted TIME.

Duke University found in a 2010 study that obese employees costs American businesses $73.1 billion a year, noted ABC News. This money was lost because obesity-related health problems caused absences, lower work productivity and higher medical costs.

The Wall Street Journal Reports that businesses are trying to get their employees to lose weight with fitness tracking devices, company competitions, weight-loss surgeries, medications and mental-health counseling.

Marketdata Enterprises Inc., a research firm, said in a press release earlier this year that Americans spent $60.5 billion on weight loss products and services in 2013.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, TIME, ABC News, Marketdata Enterprises Inc.
Image Credit: Pharos


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