Police Assisting First Ebola Patient in New York City Seen Dumping Gloves & Mask In Public Trash Can (Video)


After the first confirmed case of Ebola in New York City was revealed, police officers who were sent to patient Dr. Craig Spencer’s apartment were reportedly spotted throwing out their gloves, masks and caution tape – in a trash can on the street.

Photographers caught two police officers wearing masks and tossing their protective gear and yellow tape into a public garbage can located on a corner in Harlem near Spencer’s home, reports Daily Mail. A video of the incident is also floating around the Internet.

All of the footage was reportedly caught before doctors confirmed Spencer’s diagnosis. Still, many are questioning whether the cops acted with good judgment and are criticizing them for not placing the possibly tainted materials in a biohazard bag.

Spencer, who is a volunteer physician with Doctors Without Borders, reportedly returned to New York City on Oct. 17 after treating patients with Ebola, reports CNN. He didn’t exhibit symptoms of the virus until Thursday morning and says he had been checking his temperature twice daily before that and hadn’t treated any patients at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Three people have reportedly been placed in quarantine since the 33-year-old’s diagnosis. Since his arrival, the doctor reportedly went bowling the night before he began feeling symptoms and has traveled on three subway lines.

Officials say the risk he posed to others is minimal because Ebola can only be contracted after a patient feels ill from the effects of it.

“Chances of anyone contracting the virus from contact with him are ‘close to nil,’” said Dr. Mary Travis, New York City’s health commissioner.

Spencer is currently in isolation at New York’s Bellevue Hospital Center.

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN

Photo Credit: Screenshot


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