Surgeon Fights Google to Hide News of Botched Boob Job


A plastic surgeon who botched a breast augmentation operation is now fighting Google to bury all references to the surgery that went wrong. Though he's currently up against Google in court, the story actually began in 1991, when El Pais, a Spanish newspaper, published an article on the dispute between Dr. Hugo Guidotti Russo, a plastic surgeon based in Madrid, and one of his patients. The article discussed allegations of a botched breast augmentation procedure and said that Dr. Russo had been accused of medical malpractice in the case.

Dr. Russo, who is still a practicing plastic surgeon, says he was cleared of any wrongdoing, so he feels that the matter should be considered personal. After 20 years, he says the matter is best forgotten, yet the article from El Pais shows up on the first page of Google's search results for his name.

Now, Dr. Russo is mounting a campaign for internet privacy in an attempt to get this information about him hidden. He has the backing of a Spanish regulator, who believes that personal information should not be shown in Google search results. The matter is currently being discussed in the Spanish court system, with opponents saying that such policies would get in the way of free speech laws.

This debate has significant implications for those considering plastic surgery. Patients are advised to do their due diligence when it comes to researching plastic surgeons. Should surgeons be able to hide unfavorable information about themselves?

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