Pink Undergoes Gall Bladder Removal

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It turns out Pink not only had the flu last week but she had gall bladder problems, as well.

Pink was supposed to perform at a fundraiser for President Obama on Wednesday, but had to bail out because of her gall bladder.   She was hospitalized last week with the stomach flu, and later tweeted that the source of  some of her medical problems was her gall bladder, with which she was happy to part ways.

“F YOU gall bladder! SAYONARA!!!!!!!!!” she tweeted.

Darren Criss of “Glee” filled in for her at the event.  Pink tweeted a thank you to Criss saying,

“I’m so bummed i can’t perform for The President of the United States this Wed night. thanx @darrencriss for filling in for me!!”


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