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'Pink Slime' Reportedly Being Brought Back To School Cafeterias in Four States

“Pink slime” will be making another appearance at schools across the country this year.

Controversy arose last year when it was discovered that schools were feeding their students meat that contained ammonia-treated beef. The “pink slime” story received national media attention, causing many parents to question what their children were being fed at school.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver seemed to be at the forefront of the movement to stop this meat from being served in schools, even taking his TV show to schools across the United States to show just what went on in the cafeterias. After months of outrage from parents and school officials alike, it seemed that “pink slime” was finally put to an end.

Recent data is now showing that schools in four states have gone back to the ammonia-treated meat.

Schools in Texas, Virginia, Illinois, and Pennsylvania have put in orders to the USDA for beef that may contain this product. This news comes amidst reports that seven states in the country have put in orders for close to 2 million pounds of this meat.

The issue of these schools ordering the “pink slime” comes with little shock to some who cite the financial strain many schools face as the reason for their lack of attention to the food they serve students.

“Lean, finely textured beef,” as the industry calls it, is cheaper to produce and has been regarded by the USDA as “safe, wholesome, and nutritious.”

Still, many disagree. This meat is made from scraps of cattle carcasses that are heated and treated with ammonia to kill bacteria before being mixed with ground beef. While the USDA stands by their belief that it is completely safe and is still “100% lean ground beef,” many experts say that there should be concern if people consume the meat.

Despite the many states in the country that still do not allow their schools to purchase the “pink slime,” the four states that have allegedly ordered it leave many to wonder who will be next.


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