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“Pincha” Me; I Must Be Dreaming

“Pincha” me; I must be dreaming!  Most yogis agree that few activities can top yoga in a tropical location.  [Insert shameless plug inviting you to join my Yoga in Paradise retreat in March, along with Chanel Luck].  As promised, I brought back some fun and fresh content from my recent trip to Somewhere Tropical.  Here, I demonstrate pincha mayurasana or forearm stand.

Important Tips to Remember:

  • This is an advanced pose. Do not try forearm balance before being extremely adept at dolphin pose, using open shoulders, keeping your head off the floor, and building the strength to hold it, with ease, for more than a minute.
  • Use a wall.  (Touch fingertips to the baseboard of the wall and slide back a few inches to start).
  • Ask for the supervision of your yoga teacher for safety.
  • Props may be used, including a block between the hands (horizontally), to keep forearms parallel, or a strap around the upper arms to maintain shoulder-width distance and proper rotation.


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