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Pictures Show How Health Of Woman Dramatically Improved After Giving Up Drugs

A Reddit user posted before and after pictures of his sister that showed how much her health had improved after 90 days of being free from methamphetamine.

The post by Wormguy666, who had his sister’s approval to post the pictures of her, got more than 2 million views in 20 hours, according to Daily Mail.

“Inspired by another Redditor, I present to you my sister. 90 Days Meth Free,” the man wrote on Reddit.

In the first picture, the woman has blond hair, looks thin and pale, while in the second, she appears to be at a much healthier weight and the condition of her skin is much healthier.

Many users remarked on the change, with one asking how the man’s family had managed to get her to stop taking drugs.

“Well, we sort of had a family intervention and she agreed to go to a rehab center. There's lots of good places, but they're expensive,” he responded.

“Put her in a 30 day program and now she's living with us while we help her get back on track,” he added.

The man explained that his mother-in-law was also dependent on drugs, but was not yet ready to accept help.

“One thing we did learn is this: if they aren't ready to get help, then there's nothing you can do. Its a harsh reality to face,” he wrote.

Publishing the pictures did generate some criticism, with users claiming it was a breach of the woman’s privacy and others suggesting the photos had been digitally edited.

“[I wanted to] show her that it's not just us that are proud of her. Anyone who has had someone go through something like this will tell you that positive reinforcement and support is always a good thing,” he wrote in response to the critics.

Tim Pursell, a former meth addict who spoke recently to the San Francisco Chronicle, pointed out that the drug’s use is probably more common than many people think.

“I would guarantee you that every person in America knows someone in their life right now who is actively using meth,” he told the Chronicle. “You work with them, they go to your church, and they may be part of your family.”

Sources: Daily Mail, San Francisco Chronicle / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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