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Pictures: Military Wives Strip to Support Servicemen with PTSD

On June 15, it was reported that suicide had become the second leading cause of death among the military personnel.

Causes for the skyrocketing suicide rate include PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder], combat, prescription medication addiction and financial problems.

In response, Ashley Wise, whose husband Rob was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after he returned from his second tour of Iraq, created a support group called 'Battle Bare.'

Wise posted her bare back on Facebook written with the pledge: "Broken by battle, wounded by war, my love is FOREVER – to you this I SWORE. I WILL: Quiet your silent screams, Help heal your shattered soul, Until once again, my love, YOU ARE WHOLE! Battle bare."

Soon other wives and girlfriends of military men posted similar pictures of themselves on the Facebook page.

Some women posed wearing military items, while other women used the American flag. Children, who have parents with PTSD, have the pledge written on their bare feet.

The Facebook page has more than 3,500 supporters. Now, Wise hopes to make 'Battle Bar' a not-for-profit organization.

Wise told The Leaf Chronicle: "People are coming to us wanting to share their stories and wanting to get help. We’re working on ways to help people and to get not just the Army, but ‘big military’ to pay attention."

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