Pictures: 6-Year-Old Liu Jiangli Born with Hair on 60% of Her Body

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The Rex Features photo agency, in the UK, recently broke the story of Liu Jiangli, a 6-year-old Chinese girl, who was born with thick black hair on most of her body, in Guiyang, China.

Jiangli has a rare condiiton that is believed to be related to Hypertrichosis or "werewolf syndrome," which causes 60% [or more] of her body to be covered with hair, reports the NY Daily News.

Sadly, when Jiangli turned two, her family abandoned her at a Guizhou province nursery.

Fortunately, six months later, Liu Mingying, the grandfather of one of her cousins answered an ad about Jiangli and adopted her.

The little girl has been teased by other kids, who have called her "the little monkey."

Of her condition, Jiangli told Rex Features that her hair is "very itchy, but it's not painful."

There is no mention as to why her grandfather does not shave her hair off regularly.

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