Picture: Model Lauren Scruggs, One Month After Walking Into Plane Propeller

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On December 3, 2011, Lauren Scruggs suffered a horrific accident when she walked into a spinning plane propeller.

On Tuesday, a bandaged Scruggs was seen leaving a Dallas rehab clinic with her parents (picture here).

The 23-year-old model lost her left eye and left hand in the bizarre accident and has been undergoing extensive rehab ever since, but is said to be making progress.

A federal report  that was recently released says that the pilot of the plane claims he tried to warn Scruggs about the propeller. But when he thought she was clearly out of the way, the pilot returned to his seat and heard her scream, "Stop, Stop."

The family hasn't released any recent statements, but Scruggs' mother recently wrote on her blog: "It's hard to watch the reality face to face, even though we KNOW that God will never leave us or forsake us..."

"But it doesn't change what happened, and it is just plain hard to watch Lo come to grips with the fact that she has lost her hand and lost her eye. It's hard to hear her tears."


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