Picture: Lindsay Lohan and Her Smoke-Stained Teeth

Lindsay Lohan recently flashed her smoke-stained teeth during an appearance at the THQ launch of the new 'Saints Row: The Third' video game in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

Dr. Irwin Smigel, celebrity dentist, told the Daily News: "Lindsay's right central tooth is chipped, giving the impression of a space. She has what looks like tartar between her (two front teeth). The yellowish brown stains are from smoking and very poor oral hygiene."

While the exact cause of her dental problems is unknown, it's no secret that Lohan is a regular cigarette smoker. Another reason for her discolored teeth could be drinking excess amounts of red wine, coffee or dark-colored liquids.

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"To correct it, first she would need to have a thorough cleaning and I would also do some X-rays to see if there is extensive decay or a severe gum condition," Dr. Smigel said. "This would not only correct the problems she currently has, but I would also lengthen her teeth somewhat and widen her smile."

Seeing as how the actress has been trying to revive her sinking career, a damaged Hollywood smile isn't going to do her any good. Out of the spotlight, Lohan was recently fired from a court ordered community service gig at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles.

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