Picture: Beyonce's Luxury Hospital Room


The birth of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, has caused a bit of a stir. From the new song that Jay-Z wrote to the security to Beyonce’s accomodations while in the hospital – the internet is buzzing.

TMZ has been kind enough to share the photos of Lenox Hill Hospital’s very special birthing suits – that just so happened to be christened Saturday when Beyonce gave birth. What is so special about the room – there are 4 flat screen TV’s, state of the art electronics, a kitchenette, nice art, mahogany walls and plush furnishings and an extra bed for the daddy to be.

The suite was not constructed specifically for Beyonce, but it was always intended that Beyonce would be the first patient to use it. Afterall, the rumored $1.3 million that Beyonce and Jay-Z were said to pay for the room had to have some benefit.


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