Phyllis Schlafly: Bring Back Shotgun Weddings!

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Want to know what the biggest problem is facing our society today? Well, Phyllis Schlafly knows -- it's the lack of shotgun weddings!

Via Shakesville:

The trends toward non-marriage and toward same-sex marriage are a direct attack on fathers. The bond between a child and his mother is an obvious fact of nature, but marriage is the relationship that establishes the link between a child and his father.

There are many causes for the dramatic reduction in marriage, starting with unilateral divorce, which spread across the United States in the 1960s and '70s, putting government on the side of marriage breakup. Then came the legalizing of abortion, diminishing the custom of shotgun marriages, which in earlier years was often the response to surprise pregnancies.

The feminist notion that women should be independent of men, followed by affirmative-action/female quotas in employment, tended to carry out the goal stated by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that the concept of husband-breadwinner and wife-homemaker "must be eliminated." These feminist ideas and practices demean marriage by discriminating against men and also against fulltime homemakers.

More shotgun weddings!  Darn right! In fact, we should force every woman into a shotgun marriage if she isn't married by 20, pregnant or not.  That will bring back the golden days!


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