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Photo: Man Gets Nail Stuck In Head, Doesn't Realize It Until Next Day

Get ready to cringe.

Doctors removed an 8 centimeter nail from a man’s face yesterday.

An x-ray photo of the 55-year-old man’s skull shows the nail entered above his nose and miraculously managed to miss his brain.

Here’s the picture:

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The man, Yang Yi Kui, was operating a cutting machine on December 29th when the nail pierced into his head. Somehow, he did not even realize what had happened. The thin nail buried itself into his head so cleanly that it left only a small opening on his face.

Kui just assumed he’d been nicked until he woke up the next morning with a severe headache. He went to the doctors to have an x-ray performed, and hey, what do you know, there was a huge nail in his head.

Doctors performed a craniotomy in order to remove the nail, meaning they removed a piece of his skull in order to access his brain to take out the nail. The procedure was a success, and Kui is now in stable condition. His eyesight and brain survived the whole ordeal entirely unharmed. Here’s a video of doctors checking out x-rays of the nail in Kui’s head:

Sources: Huffington Post, My Fox Atlanta


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