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Photo Of Finger Turning White In The Cold Goes Viral (Photos)

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A photo of a finger that turned white from cold weather went viral, prompting many to question the reason behind such a strange occurrence.

The photo was originally shared on Reddit by a user named Snappiness, and showed his hand with the pinky appearing white almost all the way down to his hand. Snappiness explained: “18 months ago I broke my finger and now when the weather gets cold it turns white.” 

One Redditor pointed out that the strange occurrence could be due to something known as Raynaud’s disease, which is a circulatory disease. 

“You may have already had it and the injurt (sic) aggrevated (sic) it, or you may have impinged the circulation a bit in that finger,” the Redditor explained.

“I have it myself. It's more obvious in the winter but sometimes in the middle of the summer my fingers will go white.”

Check out the odd-looking finger below.

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Sources: Reddit, Imgur / Photo credit: Imgur


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