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Phoenix Family Claims Restaurant Gave 3-Year-Old Alcohol In Kids Cup

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A family in Phoenix, Arizona, was horrified to discover that a drink given to their 3-year-old daughter at a Benihana restaurant reportedly contained alcohol.

Montriece Baker was dining at a local Benihana with her family when the waitress brought her daughter Kilani what they thought was a cup of juice – the girl’s favorite drink.

Baker and her husband realized that something was wrong after Kilani took a big gulp of the beverage and passed out. The parents took a sip of the drink and realized that Kilani had been served a mixed drink that contained alcohol, even though it was served in a kids cup with a lid on top.

“It was terrible. As I am sitting there realizing, wow, my daughter has had a drink of alcohol…a very strong drink…I'm shaking because she is in my arms and I can't wake her up,” Baker said. The terrified family quickly notified the restaurant manager. “Obviously, we were very distraught and he did feel bad and was frantic too.”

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Kilani was rushed to the emergency room, where she was monitored for alcohol poisoning. Thankfully, the young girl only took one sip of the drink before passing out.

“Usually she drinks a lot. She gets multiple refills, so I don't even like to think about what could possibly happen, but we could be telling a completely different story right now,” Baker said.

“She's my daughter. My 3-year-old baby girl. I can't see myself going back. I understand accidents happen, but it could have been a lot worse,” Kilani’s father, Brian Murray, added.

A Benihana spokesperson issued a statement acknowledging the incident. “Benihana takes all matters of our guests' safety very seriously,” the statement read. “We are aware of the incident and are conducting a thorough investigation at this time.”

The incident in Phoenix came just one month after a 2-year-old in North Carolina was served alcohol by mistake at a local Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

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