Philly Sisters Sarah and Kylie Givens Victims Of Separate Hit-And-Runs

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Philadelphia sisters Sarah and Kylie Givens were both victims of hit-and-runs within a few days of each other. Jim Givens was at home with Sarah, 10, on Saturday when they received a phone call informing them that Kylie, 14, had been struck by a car. Jim and Sarah were giving investigators details about the 10-year-old’s own accident at the time of the call. "Two daughters in two days. I just couldn't believe it. It's crazy," Mr. Givens said on Sunday.

Sarah’s leg is currently in a cast. Her tibia was fractured in two places and her hips are pretty bruised up. She is a figure skater but likely won’t be back on the ice for at least two months. Kylie's injuries are even worse.

She is being treated at Aria Health's Torresdale hospital for internal bleeding and injuries to her arms and legs. Doctors have already had to remove her spleen, reports

Sarah was struck by a car on Thursday while she was walking with a friend about five blocks away from her house. "I had just started walking across the street when I noticed a white truck zooming down," she said. "I got hit and flew up in the air, and I fell under a parked car. That’s when I kind of blacked out.” A neighbor's surveillance camera captured a white GMC Yukon Denali with big rims zooming off.

Kylie was walking with a group of friends when she was hit. She was crossing the street when a white sedan with tinted windows slammed into her. The man driving the car went back and saw Kylie sprawled on the ground before leaving the scene. "He just looked at her and ran off," said the girl’s stepmom. "I think it was his conscience. He wanted to know she wasn't dead. That's my assumption."

"Why can't these people be grown-ups and turn themselves in?" Mr. Givens asked. "They're just cowards. Cold and heartless. I'm angry and exhausted. I just don't know why they didn't stop. Accidents happen. But when you leave, it's not an accident anymore. It's now just a heartless person trying to get away."

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