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Pharmacist Accused of Giving Woman 'Free' Breast Exam, She Sues for $40 Million

Hayat Ammouri, a Lebanese fashion editor who flew to New York City on business, claims that a pharmacist, Monesh Hanoman, gave her a "free" breast exam, even though he is not a doctor.

Ammouri is now suing the pharmacy, Duane Reade, for $40 million.

She went to the pharmacy on April 22 for medication. According to her lawsuit, Hanoman allegedly offered to give her a free blood pressure test.

Hanoman took her behind an enclosed partition, where Ammouri removed her jacket, sweater and scarf.

After the blood pressure test, Hanoman then allegedly offered to perform a "free" breast exam, notes the New York Post.

According to her lawsuit, “She agreed, reasonably thinking that this is a type of examination that could be offered by . . . a health-care professional wearing a white Duane Reade-issue robe . . . the distinctive dress of physicians. Hanoman then sadistically and perversely rubbed Ms. Ammouri’s breasts and shockingly pinched her nipples for approximately four minutes."

After Ammouri returned to her hotel room and told her cousin about the exam, the cousin called the store and the police.

Ammouri's lawsuit blames the pharmacist’s co-workers for witnessing, but ignoring the alleged sexual abuse.

“I brought him up and never had an issue with him,” said the pharmacist’s father, Lachman Hanoman.

"We regret that this occurred.” said a Duane Reade spokesperson.

Source: New York Post


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