Petra Anderson, Batman Massacre Survivor, Alive Thanks to Brain Defect

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In the midst of tragedy in Colorado, a miracle has occurred.

22-year-old college student Petra Anderson was one of the survivors of the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. However, it’s all because of a rare genetic defect that she’s even alive.

During the shooting, Anderson was shot four times, including once in the head. When she took that specific bullet, it hit her in the nose and travelled through a very small pocket of fluid she had running from the front of her brain to her back. All the more amazing is the fact that Anderson was completely unaware of the defect.

According to The Daily Mail, Anderson’s pastor is calling her survival “a matter of medical divine intervention.” It’s no wonder since the bullet, which was a shotgun buck shot, entered her brain at the exact point of the defect. Whatever you want to call it, everyone can agree she sure was lucky.

Since the bullet passed through the fluid pocket, none of the vital areas of the brain were hit. Even though the bullet was lodged in the back of her brain when she arrived at the hospital, she’s already recovering, thanks to the defect.

Anderson had been planning on attending the University of Maryland in the fall for a graduate degree. As of now, those plans may change, depending on her recovery. There is still a possibility that she lost certain functions or abilities.

This isn’t the first incident to shake the Anderson family. Just recently, Petra’s mother Kim found out her breast cancer returned from remission and will have to undergo treatment. The family has posted a fundraising video in an attempt to raise $250,000 for Petra’s and Kim’s medical bills. So far, the Andersons have raised $45,000.


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