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Petition Started for Victoria's Secret to Sell "Mastectomy Bras"

A daughter of a breast cancer survivor has started an online petition to encourage Victoria's Secret to sell "cancer bras" to accommodate those who have had a mastectomy. 

Allana Maiden's mother Debbie has been free of cancer for 21 years. Debbie has had to purchase cancer bras from specialty catalogues because this is the only way to buy a bra that accommodates her breast prothesis. 

These bras are often unattractive and ill-fitting, since you can't try them on in person. 

Allana was tired of seeing her mother go through this, so she started a petition on asking lingerie retailer Victoria's Secret to create a mastectomy bra. In the petition she wrote: 

So many of us have mothers, daughters, and friends who have faced breast cancer. These inspiring women who have had mastectomy surgery as part of their treatment deserve to feel beautiful, too.

Victoria’s Secret is known for helping women feel confident and comfortable. Please celebrate the strength and hope of the survivors in our lives with a “Survivor” line of mastectomy bras.

Maiden's petition could make mastectomy bras mainstream and easy to obtain. When a woman needs one, she could simply go to the mall, try it on, and purchase it, rather than ordering it through a catalogue, waiting for it, and hoping it fits. 

The mega retailer would also likely make the bras unique and attractive, helping the cancer survivors feel comfortable and happier with how they look in a bra. 



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