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Peter Codling Designs Toilet to Make People Healthier

A man has come up with a new design for the toilet, which he believes will reduce the number of people suffering from colon cancer, hemorrhoids, heart attacks and incontinence.

Peter Codling, 30, created a toilet which allows the user to sit in a squatting position.

A postgraduate at Innovation Design Engineering, Codling said the toilet allows people to empty their bowels more completely and easily.

He also said that it would help women who have had a baby reduce incontinence, as 43 percent of women with children have some degree of incontinence. By using the specially designed toilet, pressure is reduced on the pelvic floor.

Codling believes if people squatted while relieving themselves they would be less likely to damage the nerves that control their bladder, prostate and uterus. 

It took him four months to come up with the toilet design and prototype, called Le Penseur or The THinker. It is currently on display at the Royal College of Art in Kensington.

"The products we learn to use from an early age can be relegated to obscurity and no longer challenged," he said. "The toilet presented a product that had changed little in hundreds of years and through speaking with healthcare professionals, I found there were great possibilities for innovation."

Codling claims the seat is very comfortable and is more comfortable than a normal toilet for shorter people.

Because it sits so low, he installed handles to ensure people with weaker legs, and the elderly, are able to use it easily.

"The whole idea is to make life better for as many people as possible, I am hoping that this toilet will eventually be in standard use," he said. 

"It needs to be taken on by a large manufacturer who produces these things - I also need funding for more developments."

Sources: Daily Mail, Peter Codling


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