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PETA’s Veggie Sexy Too Steamy For Super Bowl

If vegetarianism were a sexual orientation, I’d be bisexual. I go both ways.  Some might call my behavior “bi-curious,” which is a fun word to say.  For the record, I’m  mostly vegetarian, but I dabble in seafood and poultry. I haven’t eaten red meat since the age of 9.  I think this makes me a flexitarian, someone who loosely adheres to a meat-free diet, or, possibly, a veggie swinger?

If it seems odd for me to consider the similarities between vegetables and sexuality, please forgive me.  I blame PETA. You may have heard that the organization’s Super Bowl commercial, featuring models and pseudo porn stars and fresh, innocent produce, was banned this week, for being too, ahem, steamy.  In case you missed it, here it is.

Of course the commercial was rejected.  By all accounts, this was PETA’s intention from the start.  Spend a little money on production, get banned, generate buzz.  What better way to make a splash and save on media-buying costs associated with the most expensive air-time on television?  The animal rights group is known for making savvy (often sexually charged) publicity moves, with star power support from the likes of Pamela Anderson, Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Munn, Kellan Lutz, and many more.  I have to give them credit for this.  At a time when shock value is worth its weight in Yukon gold potatoes (remember Lady Gaga’s meat dress? . . . Oh, the, irony), PETA has made its point to the masses– right before a quintessential, American, meat-eating weekend.  Beef chili and chicken wings, anyone?

I can’t, however, condone the mistreatment of broccoli.  And, does anyone stop to think about little Celery?  That’s someone’s celery daughter. Admittedly, I love vegetables (almost enough to be monogamous), but I take issue with people who objectify or exploit them.  Oh, and, women, too, of course.

What do you think about PETA’s rejected Super Bowl commercial?


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