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Woman's Cancer Detected By Pet Kangaroo

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Josephine Brennan-Kuss, a resident of Coober Pedy, Australia, is the co-owner of a wildlife orphanage along with her husband, Terry. This orphanage hosts plenty of animals, perhaps most notably kangaroos. While Josephine loves her kangaroos, never in a million years could she have predicted that one of them would save her life.

6 year-old Bella, easily the most affectionate of Brennan-Kuss' kangaroos, seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to diseases. When Josephine came to feed Bella bearing some curious marks on her face, Bella became obsessed with them. She was licking and cuddling the spots on Mrs. Brennan-Kuss' face, but also spent quite a bit of time and care licking two other spots on her 63 year-old caretaker's body.

Said Josephine of her strange spots, "I'd been meaning to get them checked for ages, and I just kept forgetting." After this incident, however, Brennan-Kuss went straight to the doctor.

After some tests, it was confirmed that the spots were cancerous, and, because of early intervention, would be treatable. Incredibly, this is not the first time Bella the Kangaroo's medical intuition saved a life.

According to the Daily Mail, "Three and a half years ago, Terry (Josephine's husband) had a series of strokes. During that time Josephine said Bella, who is normally a 'mummy's girl', paid more attention than usual to her husband."

Josephine recalls, "Prior to him having the strokes we noticed that Bella was paying him so much attention, was being a real daddy's girl."

It remains uncertain what exactly Bella is sensing when she makes these discoveries. What is certain, however, is that both of these southern Australians are indebted to the medical genius of Bella the kangaroo.

Josephine and Terry Brennan-Kuss are still reeling from this entire situation. "We're still in awe ourselves - because if it hadn't been for Bella I wouldn't have got it checked out."

Source: Daily Mail


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