'Pepsi Special' Claims to Block Fat


PepsiCo is selling a new drink in Japan called 'Pepsi Special,' which claims to block fat (video below).

Pepsi Special contains an additive called Dextrin, a fat-blocking fiber that is supposed to keep the body from absorbing fat and actually lower cholesterol levels, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Point Park University business professor Elaine Luther, who once worked for PepsiCo, told CBS Pittsburgh: “If you read some of the product claims, there’s one thing I saw that says you’ll be able to eat a piece of chocolate cake and it won’t be absorbed.”

Luther added that the additive could act like a laxative: "If you’re not absorbing it, it has to go somewhere.”

An ad in Japan suggests you can eat both pizza and hamburger, and not gain weight, as long as you drink Pepsi Special.


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