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People Using Medical Marijuana for Their Pets

While the debate about medical marijuana for humans heats up around the country, some pets are actually being treated with the natural, yet illegal, substance as well.

"I do think there are therapeutic benefits to it," California veterinarian Doug Kramer told Mother Jones. Kramer said pot helped his husky, Nikita, fight pain and regain her appetite after coming down with cancer.

“She had gone through all of the traditional pain medications, even steroids. When it became clear that she was nearing the end, that’s when she had nothing to lose, as long as it didn’t hurt her,” Kramer told Vice Magazine. “At the first dosage, she was up and around.”

Kramer says that numerous medical studies on the effects of marijuana have relied on rats and dogs. Kramer explains that "mammals have the same cannabinoid receptors as humans do" and "would benefit in the same ways."

Kramer sells a guide on his website,, that instructs readers how to create an herbal medication in their own home. For legal reasons he has removed all references to "medical marijuana" in his book.

From reader submissions to his website, Kramer has collected more than 500 case studies, mostly positive. Most people, who write to Kramer, use marijuana to treat their animals for pain, seizures and inflammation from arthritis.

"Anything people find effective on themselves, they are going to transfer to their pets," adds Kramer.

He says one woman wrote him and told him how she feed her her horse cannabis butter to treat it for the foot disease laminitis: "She said it was like a new horse afterwards."

Source: Mother Jones, Vice Magazine,


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